Increasing access to Employability Fund and MA provision for young people with Disabilities and Additional Support Needs


26th January 2015

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has targeted some funding this year towards increasing the numbers of disabled young people or those with additional support needs (ASN) entering SDS Employability Fund or Modern Apprenticeship provision (aged 16-24).  Barnardo\'s Works has been tasked with gathering information that will help showcase successful real-life case studies as well as highlighting the barriers, challenges and success stories.  This will be achieved by pulling together feedback both from employers and training providers regarding the key successes/difficulties/challenges with recruiting and supporting young people with disabilities or ASN in work placements, paid employment or modern apprenticeships.

We are keen to ensure that the needs and experiences of our business colleagues are represented.  It is also important that we can pull together data from different sectors to ascertain if the training paths that currently exist are aligned to support young people with disabilities and additional support needs.

A Survey Monkey Questionnaire has been created and would appreciate it if you could spare some time to complete this questionnaire -


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