The Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce


30th January 2015

How to invest in the future of our organisations and ensure we have the right talent in place

The Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce was established by the Scottish Government in January 2013.  Chaired by Sir Ian Wood, the Commission is independent of Government and was tasked with bringing forward a range of recommendations designed to improve young people’s transition into employment.

In the summer of 2014, following extensive consultations with leading figures in education, business and equalities groups, the Commission published its report. It contained 39 recommendations looking to significantly enhance Scotland\'s vocational education to achieve the same acclaimed status as that enjoyed by Scotland\'s higher education sector.

It highlights the importance of business and industry working with schools and colleges as a key factor in ensuring young people are more prepared for employment and better informed in career choice.

A number of recommendations focus on encouraging and supporting more employers to recruit more young people.

What is abundantly clear from the report, and the activity that has followed its publication, is that business and industry must step up and work far more closely with schools and colleges to shape career advice, enterprise education and job search skills in schools. We must put our young people at the heart of decision-making and create the right industry environment to deliver positive destinations for our future workforce.

Working in partnership, we must take responsibility to lead and drive the change in employer’s engagement with schools and colleges, and challenge and support employers to recruit more young people into their workforce.

This is a time to effect positive change, help to influence the future workforce and leaders in your organisations and deliver a clear commitment to young people about the routes on offer to education, employment and training – and the support they can expect.

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