Dundee Hypnotherapist at Scottish Parliament


24th April 2015

Scottish Hypnotherapists ready to SAVE NHS Scotland over £15 MILLION per year

Dundee, April 22, 2015:  Local Dundee hypnotherapist and coach Rod Beaumont met with Members of the Scottish parliament to propose how hypnotherapists across Scotland are ready, able and willing to save NHS Scotland over £15 million per year and Scottish business more than £150 million per year just for dealing with IBS – Irritated Bowel Syndrome.

Rod along with more than 70 other hypnotherapists from across Scotland came together with MSP Maureen Watt, (SNP) Minister for Public Health; MSP Margaret McCulloch (Lab); MSP Margaret McDougall (Lab) in the event hosted by Scottish Green party MSP John Finnie.

In their meeting (Tuesday 21, April, 2015) the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation in conjunction with the Regulatory body the Complimentary and Natural Health Council presented a details example of how treating patients with IBS through hypnotherapy is both economically effective but more importantly has a 75% plus success rate with patients. (See attached fact sheet for more details)

More than 341,000 adults in Scotland have been diagnosed with IBS, 1 in 12 people. Many reach a state where despite medical treatment – which is often ineffective – are unable to continue working and gain additional mental health issues such as depression. 36% - 50% of the new attendances at clinics are for IBS.

Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation President John D. Lawrence facilitated the meeting and explained how hypnotherapy is a regulated body through the national CNHC as part of the Professional Standards Authority. Margaret Coats, CNHC Chief Executive and Registrar gave a brief report on the role of the CNHC Register and how it interacts with the NHS and medical profession.

Dr. Fiona McLeod then presented the clinical aspects of effectively incorporating hypnotherapy as a complimentary therapy with proven results. Most clients require 6 sessions, although benefit is felt immediately following the first session.

Rod Beaumont, Trustee of the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation and local champion of the CNHC for Dundee, Tayside and Angus areas and local hypnotherapist met with the group to share the local Tayside perspective. Rod has his own clinic in Dundee and works with many clients not only on IBS but other hypnotherapy issues.

“80% of clients come to stop smoking, 10% for weight loss and the remaining 10% is broken down with IBS and various fears and phobias, however there has been a recent upsurge in people attending to rid themselves of the effects of IBS,” said Beaumont.

Rod have clients world wide not only as a hypnotherapist. With personal, executive and celebrity coaching Rod has had clients in more than 134 different countries and moved back to Dundee in 2012 after working around the world.

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