Scotland’s Arbikie Vodka wins award in Paris


3rd June 2015

Arbikie Vodka beat a host of global entrants, including France’s own Grey Goose to win the award for their innovative spirit. Arbikie is the first super-premium spirit produced by the Arbikie Distillery which grows all its own ingredients, ferments, distils, bottles, labels and matures on their single-estate farm on the east coast of Scotland.

Unlike the majority of vodka, which is made with wheat, the Arbikie brand is made from potatoes, giving it a distinctive flavour. The distillery is reviving the traditions of an industry which took place on the site back in the 18th century. It uses copper pot stills to bring the time-honoured art of Scotch whisky distilling to the production of all its spirits, giving Arbikie Vodka a comparable quality and depth to Scotch.

Slightly sweet, very creamy and exceptionally smooth, Arbikie Vodka is distilled to a very specific level for a unique taste.  It is created using clear Scottish water and a blend of three distinct and flavoursome potatoes, Maris Piper, King Edwards and Cultra.  It means that the vodka is gluten free.

Aimed at the luxury end of the drinks market, Arbikie Vodka is made to enjoy simply with ice, but is also spectacular as the basis for an iconic Martini.

Owned by the Stirling family, which has had a working family farm for four generations, Arbikie Distillery is part of the Arbikie Highland Estate. The single estate distillery overlooking Lunan Bay on the Angus coast, grows the raw ingredients, distils and bottles its spirits on site, giving each spirit a premium, nurtured quality.

As a family-run business, the Stirling brothers appreciate the ability to have total control of the process from start to finish and being able to ensure first-class excellence of all ingredients.

Iain Stirling, Arbikie Commercial Director, said:

“As a family business, it is wonderful to have the freedom to be innovative. We believe that drinking should be no different from the way we eat with goodness from the ground up, from the farm to bottle. We have embraced the French concept of ‘terroir’, which describes how the natural elements of a place determine the characteristics of wine, to create exceptional spirits.”

“We’re delighted that the distinguished Cocktails Spirits Judging Panel agree.”

“It also sets us up for the imminent launch of our Arbikie Gin in the next few weeks and for exporting our small-batch, artisan spirits overseas.”

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