Stranded - Plight of Marine Mammals Highlighted


9th July 2015

The plight of stranded marine mammals, and how the public can help, will be highlighted at Dundee Science Centre this weekend.

As part of a series of ‘Meet the Expert’ events, representatives of British Divers Marine Life will be in the Centre with their blow-up dolphin and pontoon, explaining how marine mammals become stranded and how they help get them back into the water.

The event, which is included as part of normal admission, will be held from 1-4pm on Saturday 11 July 2015.

Stephanie Burns, Tayside Fundraising Co-ordinator explained “Our local coastline is a haven to many marine mammals including resident populations of harbour and grey seals. We also have resident dolphin pods and a few whale species frequenting our waters.  The majority of our calls are to help seal pups that have become separated from their mothers, perhaps through illness, injury or because of storms.  If they are not reunited, they will starve.  Whales and dolphins, on the other hand, often become stranded due to noise disturbance out at sea but, because they live in large groups called pods, if one strands they all will such as the 26 pilot whales stranded in Pittenweem in 2012.”

British Divers treat each rescue as a priority and rely on public support for equipment and sometimes physical help.

Stephanie continued, “Without human intervention, many animals will die so our skills are very much in demand, saving species which are often in decline. If you enjoy the sights of these wonderful creatures, come along to chat with us about the work we do and how you can help make a difference.”

As well as having the chance to talk to the crew, visitors to the event can also enjoy quizzes and colouring-in activities.

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