Crowdfunding Campaign To Bring Back Fireworks in Arbroath 2015


28th August 2015

As The Fireworks for Arbroath Committee, it is our goal to bring back a safe and professionally organised annual fireworks display for the community of Arbroath, and surrounding local area.


Through doing this we hope to bring back a sense of pride to the area. Safety is at the forefront of our plan, and this is why we feel that its important for a professional Company to carry out the display on our behalf. This will hopefully discourage the general public from letting fireworks off at will, thus making our Town a safer place. The Committee already have the support of the local Emergency Services and the Council. Having one big organised display down by the seafront will not only be great for the kids of the local community and surrounding areas, it will also hopefully cause less distress to pets and less disturbance to people who do not wish to partake. We feel its important to bring not only our Town, but our surrounding local Communities together, and bring back a sense of pride and community spirit due to the fact that \"We did this ourselves!\"

Why are we doing this?

The annual fireworks display was greatly missed in Arbroath by children and adults alike, when it did not take place in 2014. This was due to funding no longer being available for a community council run event. The community therefore either had to travel outwith Arbroath to attend an organised display or let off their own fireworks in a less controlled environment. The area lost a very popular community event and the town missed the opportunity to come together locally to celebrate and enjoy a professional annual display. Its always been our plan to make this display \'by the community, for the community\' to help instill a sense of pride in what the community can achieve together.

The story so far....

Karren Cuthill started the FFA2015 Facebook page in November 2014, after a need for a firework display was shown on social media, and the cause has attracted a huge amount of support through its Facebook page and Twitter account. A Committee was formed in January 2015, and fund raising began. We have already received pledges of support, raffle prizes, cash donations and the use of premises for fundraising activities. The committee and its supporters can regularly be seen out on the streets collecting donations and fund raising, along with bag packing in the local supermarkets.

A total of £8,500 is required for the Fireworks display and the events so far have raised a fantastic £6,700. The more money we can raise though, the more spectacular the display!

This is where you come in!

Come on folks join our supporters and be a part of bringing a fantastic professional fireworks display back to Arbroath. Every person who pledges could make a HUGE difference to our campaign and the quality of the display on the night.

As we now make the final push to raise the remaining £2,000 to make this much loved event happen for Arbroath, we are hoping you can help through this crowdfunding campaign. We also have some fabulous rewards for people who donate.

All money raised will go towards the purchasing of the fireworks through a professional company, to facilitate the display, and all the health & safety requirements needed to ensure it\'s a safe event.


Let\'s bring the Fireworks back to Arbroath!

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