Flood Grant Applications


21st January 2016


If your property was directly affected by flooding during recent spells of bad weather you can now apply for a flood relief grant.

The flat rate grant of £1500 can be claimed by households, businesses, community groups and charities, in either of the following circumstances:

  • for any period when you were absent from your property due to flooding and did not receive the full benefit of local authority services
  • to enable you to protect your home or business against future floods by installing new flood barriers, or by carrying out flood resilient repairs such as replacing doors and windows with water resistant alternatives, or moving electricity sockets up to a safer level

Only properties (excluding garden ground) which were directly affected by the flooding and were inundated with water will be eligible for grant assistance. 

Our flood relief grant page has more information about the application process - applications can be made online now or by downloading an application form. Applications should be submitted by 29 February.

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