Gerry Burke TV launches social media content solution.


25th February 2016

More and more organisations are realising how powerful social media can be in engaging with their market. Companies offering a product can easily upload images with accompanying text to their Facebook page. But what if you offer a service? Perthshire based Video Marketing company Gerry Burke TV has the solution.

Gerry sums it up:

“We all know that we need to provide good, engaging content and keep  refreshing it. I see many organisations create Facebook pages with good intent but which then lie dormant because nobody can think of what to say – this is especially true of service companies.”

Advertising is available of course but research is showing that more people engage with content on your timeline than they do with the adverts surrounding it – and this is where Gerry believes he has the answer:

“Facebook and Twitter have really ramped up their video functionality now in the face of YouTube’s massive growth. Videos play automatically in your timeline as you swipe up. At Gerry Burke TV we’re now create 10-second animations that play in your timeline. And because nobody likes to feel they’re being sold to in their own time, we make them fun and quirky. The best bit? Because it’s in your own timeline, you have complete control of the content.”

Gerry continued:

“I advise clients to identify four messages. Chosen carefully, these messages can be rescheduled to extend the life of the campaign.”

To see an example animation visit:


Gerry Burke TV provides broadcast standard video production. From story concept and scriptwriting to shooting and editing, GBTV offers affordable access to online video for your website.

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