Build the People\'s Tower; Dundee\'s Royal Arch


8th March 2016

Help bring a fun, free, spectacular event to Dundee!

Claire Dow & the Dundee Institute of Architects want to recreate a huge version of Dundee’s Royal Arch out of cardboard boxes. They will work with Olivier Grossetete, who has created his amazing People’s Towers all over the world. With your help, they can bring the People’s Tower to Dundee on the original Royal Arch site in Slessor Gardens.

This amazing project is brought to you by Claire Dow, an events producer in Dundee and the Dundee Institute of Architects. It will be part of the Festival of Architecture 2016; during the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016; and also part of Ignite Dundee, if they get your help!

Together we can make something really special. 

  • open to everyone
  • free to take part in
  • making people think about their built environment, the changes in Dundee, and the town’s history
  • attracting people to the new civic spaces
  • fun!

With you involved we can build a unique event unlike anything seen before in Dundee. We will fill the new Slessor Gardens with hundreds of people having fun, building a massive arch together before day, when it gets toppled and trampled! 

What We Need & What You Get
We need to raise a further £5,000 to make the event happen. We are currently running a public crowdfunding campaign which aims to raise £2,270. The original Royal Arch was funded through public subscription and this is what they raised – if they can do it in 1849, we can do it again in 2016! We have made it time limited- we’ll close our campaign on March 16th – the date the original Royal Arch was demolished. The perks and opportunities are on the indiegogo site - click here!


It’s a straightforward project in a lot of ways – we work with UZ Arts who are the UK producers and have done it before. We\'ll be joining cities like London, Sydney, Glasgow and Glastonbury Festival.  Olivier does all the preparation, engineering and design work and supplies the boxes flatpacked to Dundee. All we need to supply is a space to change those flat packed sheets into cardboard boxes (over 1,000 of them!), a safe site and people – lots of people - to help build and topple our Royal Arch. 

Ways You Can Help

There are lots of ways you can help and join in! 

Please help spread the word – tell your friends and family about our plans, share our links and information.

Contribute here to the campaign.

Follow us on Twitter @PplsTwrRyalArch  or Facebook( ) and keep up to date on developments.

Volunteer to build boxes! In the week leading up to the build event, we make the basic cardboard blocks, which will have arrived in flat sheets to Dundee.

Come along on the day! Don’t miss the main events- build day Saturday 28 May, and demolition day Sunday 29th May!


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