SCC EU Ref Survey Report


10th March 2016

DACC members were invited by Scottish Chambers of Commerce to participate in an important survey that being conducted as part of a partnership between Scottish Chambers of Commerce and British Chambers of Commerce.  By participating in this survey, businesses provide a crucial understanding of business attitudes towards the European Union to inform the debate around an EU referendum.

This European Union referendum surveys are designed to help Chambers make informed observations on the implications of change for business in the UK. Dundee & Angus, and Scottish, Chambers of Commerce hold a neutral position on the EU Referendum, and are not going to take a corporate position on the EU referendum as our members have their own individual views that they would wish us reflect.

We are an inclusive body and wish all members to feel that we respect and value their views. We will not risk our objective independence by declaring a preference for one position or another.

We look forward to enabling a productive debate and conversation with & between members around the referendum, as we did in 2014.

The UK Government has committed to holding an in-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union on the 23 June 2016.

In November 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron announced four objectives for his renegotiation of the UK’s membership of the European Union.

Survey results illustrate that 97.4% of respondents are following the debate to some extent, with only 2.6% of businesses not following the debate at all. From this, 23.8% of businesses are following the debate very closely, this is considerably more than previous survey in 2015, which showed that only 12.7% of businesses were following the debate very closely. Therefore indicating the increase in engagement with the debate among businesses in Scotland. SCC EU Referendum Report


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