NGO Signpost International Ranks Highly in Report


27th January 2011

Dundee-based charity ranks well in international aid agencies' survey.

Dundee-based NGO Signpost International was one of 29 agencies who took part in a survey by Keystone Accountability, which brought together 29 international aid agencies from the UK and US. Keystone surveyed 2700 of the agencies' local partners for their opinions on the support they had received, and because the survey was anonymous they could be completely honest.

Signpost International was ranked 7th for overall satisfaction, and appeared in the lead rankings for several other categories.

Jamie Morrison, Signpost's Head of Overseas Operations said of the report, "This survey shows that true partnership is the key to tackling many of the issues of poverty that the world faces today, and the ability to listen and learn from our successes and failures is the key to creating these relationships."

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