Dinosaur Racing Comes to Dundee!


8th April 2016

From the high-tech to the fossilised, the pre-historic world will come to life in Dundee this weekend, with the opportunity to race simulated dinosaurs, learn creative lessons from a paleo-artist, and explore some fascinating fossils.

The ‘Meet the Expert’ event at Dundee Science Centre on Saturday 9 April 2016 will give visitors the chance to take part in a whole host of dinosaur-related activities.

Perth-based paleo-artist Jon Hoad will be running ‘draw-a-dinosaur’ sessions where he will help youngsters bring the pre-historic to life through drawings, with a bit of inspiration from some of his own artworks. He will also be revealing the facts behind some important dinosaur discoveries right here in Scotland.

Visitors can also design and race a range of dinosaurs on a virtual palaeontology game with Alistair Grant from the University of Edinburgh and ‘Wee Archie’, his amazing, suitcase supercomputer.  

Meanwhile, the fascinating world of fossils will be brought to life with Mike Sedakat, local museum curator, who will be showcasing a number of dinosaur fossils and helping visitors understand what part of the dinosaur the fossil has come from.

The event is part of Dundee Science Centre’s ‘Dino Discoveries’ which will run until Sunday 29 May 2016.  During a family show, visitors will come face-to-face with three dinosaurs – a Diplodocus, Yutyrannus (an ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus Rex) and Deinonychus (relative of the Velociraptor from dinosaur movie classic ‘Jurassic Park’) in the form of weird, wonderful and wacky articulated puppets which will captivate and entertain families.

Visitors can also discover some of the physical features which helped dinosaurs survive for so long, including hollow bones and feathers.  By seeing that the same attributes are found in modern day birds, they will explore how birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, to keep the younger palaeontologists entertained, the ‘Dino Tots’ dinosaur hunt is aimed at children aged three to five. A ‘Dig up a Dinosaur’ workshop will also run until Sunday 22 May, with the chance to unearth some dinosaur bones and identify what’s buried in the sand.

The above events are all included as part of normal admission.

‘Meet the Expert’ events take place on the second Saturday of each month throughout 2016 – please check the Dundee Science Centre website for upcoming events - www.dundeesciencecentre.org.uk.   Dundee Science Centre is open daily from 10am-5pm. For further information, please telephone 01382 228800 or visit the website.

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