Call for DACC members to represent the chamber and host workshop at SEAP


1st July 2016

As part of the EU Covenant of Mayors (EUCoM) initiative, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, Angus and Moray Councils are working together to produce a North East Scotland Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). To support this initiative, the Councils have commissioned a consortium led by Aether, involving Keep Scotland Beautiful and Nicki Souter Associates.
The North East Scotland SEAP will set the low carbon, sustainable energy strategy for the region, bringing together various emission reduction policies and actions in a consistent and coherent manner.
In addition to the North East Scotland SEAP, a SEAP will be developed for each local authority area. Read the briefing note on the North East SEAP areas for your information.
A considerable component of any SEAP is stakeholder engagement. Stakeholder engagement is vital to agree strategy, share information and identify the main risks and opportunities facing the area in the development and implementation of a SEAP. This includes identifying political, economic, social, legal and environmental risks/opportunities.
To discuss further regarding hosting a workshop please contact Alison. (

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