Dundee-based Ashton McGill launches new service!


1st August 2016

Dundee-based business Ashton McGill has launched a new service to help growing organisations solve the problems and challenges they’re facing in uncertain times. 

Ashton McGill founder, Alasdair McGill, explained why this new service had been created. 

“Over the past couple of months we\'ve taken our own advice and asked our clients a few questions such as ­ ‘What\'s the biggest challenge in your business right now?’ ‘What keeps you awake at night?’ and ‘What\'s holding you back?’

Here\'s what they told us ­ ‘How do I grow the business?’ ‘I never have enough time to do everything!’ ‘I\'d love to have someone that could do our marketing / accounts / HR.’ and ‘I wish I had someone to bounce things off.’

So we designed Ashton McGill Consulting as a service that helps to solve those problems. It gives them access to experienced professionals in disciplines such as strategy, accounting, HR, marketing, project management, and service design.”

“Our consultants will roll up their sleeves and get to work as if they were one of your team. You can use them as much, or as little as you want. You simply pay as you go, which means that you’ve got access to the support you need, when you need it, at a fraction of the traditional cost.”

Ashton McGill have recently moved into new premises at Staffa Place, Dundee. They use design thinking to help clients solve problems and work with organisations across the UK in three core areas ­ professional & financial services, education, and charities.

Alasdair McGill is also one of the UK’s leading experts in the field of Customer Experience.  You can find out more at  www.ashtonmcgill.com

Ashton McGill

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