Employers encouraged to have their say on the Apprenticeship Levy


19th August 2016

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has established the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board comprising voices from across industry to provide leadership and contribute to the development of apprenticeships.

John F. McClelland, Chair of Skills Development Scotland and Chair of SAAB, said: “Apprenticeships are vital to developing the skills needed now and in the future to support the Scottish economy.

Aligning with business

“The Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board is led by employers and representatives from industry bodies and sectors to align the development of apprenticeships with business needs, the economy, fair work and job opportunities.

“The Board will contribute to the consultation process and also actively encourage others with a shared interest in apprenticeships to participate.”

Mr Hepburn said: “It is clear that employers are looking for a wider approach than what is being developed by the UK Government.

“This is why we have decided to consult with industry on how this levy can be used to support apprenticeships and wider skills development.

“An important part of this consultation will involve working with the newly established Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board as well as other industry bodies and individual employers.”

Meeting future needs

Peter Farrer, Chief Operating Officer of Scottish Water, said: “It’s vital that we attract and develop the next generation of people to work in Scotland’s water industry.

“Our apprenticeships are a great way of receiving training and employment, while earning nationally recognised qualifications with Scotland’s Best Large Employer.

“Apprenticeships are also a great way of helping a business put in place the talent and leadership required to meet its customers’ needs for the future.”

Hear from the Minister at the launch.

Find out more about the consultation on the Scottish Government site

For more on the Apprenticeship Levy visit Apprenticeships.scot

Skills Development Scotland

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