A hat-trick of Opportunity - 3 Exciting Developments from Quest


28th September 2016

Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups

It might look like a simple name change, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Previously known as Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups, this Level 6 programme is now the first of two Train the Trainer qualifications we offer. The most noticeable change is that the workplace assessment has been replaced by a final classroom based session. This means that the programme is more flexible and has less dependency on a final assessment in the workplace. As a result, the programme can be completed more quickly than the previous version. The programme consists of
3 Days of Training
Design and deliver 1 25-35 minute Training Session on day 3
Write a Reflective Account on your learning from the qualification
Write a 400 word statement about enabling your learners to learn
 Not only is this programme stronger, it also costs less. Your investment for one attendee is £550 and, for two, it’s just £800. (all prices subject to VAT.) We still have a few spaces on our October programme - 12,13 and 20 October. Here’s feedback from one of our first customer\'s to go through the programme. “I have really enjoyed the course, both yourself and the group were really supportive. I feel it has really helped my confidence, reinforced my current training delivery and gave me useful tips and strategies to improve my practice.”

You can download an information pack here.

Professional Development Award (PDA) - Training and Development for Delivery to Groups

One of the frustrating things for any trainer is not being able to give your students the opportunity to take their learning further. We were regularly asked if we offered a more advanced level Train the Trainer qualification. Now, thankfully we can say a resounding ‘yes’! The PDA is an SCQF level 7 programme, with ‘Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups’ or, it’s predecessor ‘Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups’ being a prerequisite. The programme leads on naturally from the level 6 programme and is made up of the following elements.  
1 Day classroom based training
Workplace delivery of a training session (can be filmed)
Written statements
The addition of this level 7 qualification finally gives the ambitious learner the opportunity to take their Train the Trainer skills to a more advanced level. The programme costs £250 (subject to VAT). You can download an information pack here.

Professional Development Award (PDA) - Workplace Coaching

Completing our hat-trick of announcements is the Level 7 PDA in Workplace Coaching. This is ideal for anyone who is involved in an on-going coaching or mentoring relationship within an organisation. It’s made up of three units -  
Unit 1 | Reflect on, Develop and Maintain Own Skills and Practice in Learning and Development
Unit 2 | Enable Individual Learning through Workplace Coaching
Unit 3 | Evaluate and Improve Learning and Development Sessions
It’s a great combination that puts the individual at the heart. The programme starts by reinforcing the thought that Coaches need to continually work on developing their own skills. If those skills aren’t kept sharp, coaching others is impossible. The programme is challenging, but the rewards are a confident and more prepared workplace coach. The cost of the programme is £695 (plus VAT). But we’ve got some great news. If you can make the 26th October, you can save yourself £345 by being part of our pilot intake. For £350 (plus VAT) you’ll get the unique opportunity to be the first to complete this programme. We’re only opening this up to 8 people. Interested? Click here for more information or email laura@questscotland.co.uk to take part in our Pilot Programme.

Taking control of your in-house training function
Gaining an internationally recognised qualification with the 1-1 support of our team will give you the theory and practice to excel as a trainer and coach. The programme and how we deliver it at Quest is all about giving our students the confidence to develop.
And, it’s also about helping organisations take control of their own learning and development destiny. Retaining these skills in house reduces your reliance on bringing in external coaches and trainers. And, of course, in the long run, it will be a far more cost effective way of supporting your team.
The best place to start is to give us a call. We can talk through your requirements and share our experience to help you find your ideal learning path. Call on on 01382 668760 to start the conversation. Alternatively email Laura@questscotland.co.uk.

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