27th February 2017

What is the Take Pride in Your City campaign?

In summary, the Take Pride in Your City campaign is an environmental improvement campaign which aims to encourage a positive change in behaviour and attitudes towards litter, graffiti and fly-tipping which would result in Dundee being a cleaner place to live, work and visit.


To build on a good track record for recycling and environmental improvement in Dundee, the Council united a number of initiatives under one banner of Take Pride in Your City. The campaign was launched in May 2015, during 2016 it was then extended to a four year campaign.

‘Take Pride’ aims to encourage a sense of personal and shared responsibility for environmental quality and litter prevention. The campaign focuses on the five key themes of litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly-tipping and discarded chewing gum.

Since launch, the campaign has been rolled out across communities and public spaces in Dundee and provides the public with opportunities to get involved in their local area. It has encompassed a number of areas such as; parks, cemeteries, neighbourhoods, beaches, sports pitches, schools, and woodlands. A lot of good work has been done but there is still more to be done, we now want to drive the campaign forward further and encourage even more people to get involved.

Getting Involved

All sectors of the community can get involved whether it is an individual, business, school or a community group, if everyone does even a small amount the impact can be large.

There are already lots of things happening in Dundee, such as litter picks, gardening activities and competitions all focusing on improving Dundee’s environment. There are also lots of community groups working on projects throughout the city so if you would like to volunteer some time they are always happy for people to lend a hand with their activities.

If you are keen to hold a clean-up then Dundee City Council can support you and help by providing advice, lending litter picks, gloves and bags for your event and arrange uplift of the litter you collect.

Have you got any suggestions? Perhaps you have some ideas about how we could ‘Take Pride’ or know of a project that ties in with our aims. If so, then we’d like to hear from you.

For more details about the campaign, how to get involved or if you would like to hold your own litter pick, please see the Take Pride in Your City website at:



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