‘Made in Dundee\' label for city\'s tourist hotspots


3rd April 2017

Dundee has always been famous for what it has made - in particular, jute, jam and journalism. Now two tourist hotspots are celebrating that fact with a new brand slogan, ‘Made in Dundee\'.

Verdant Works, the former jute factory turned social history museum, carries the catchline ‘Made in Dundee | One Mill | Many stories\' while its sister attraction, RRS Discovery, uses the phrase ‘Made in Dundee | Designed for Adventure\'.

Both visitor attractions, run by the charity Dundee Heritage Trust, have also had their logos and websites redesigned as part of the drive to emphasise their link with Dundee\'s manufacturing past. Limehouse Design of Dundee was behind the logo refresh while Blue2 Digital developed the website.

Verdant Works, which is celebrating its 20th year as a museum, retains many of the mill\'s original features, dating back to the mid-19th century. It weaves tales of jute together with stories of the lives and work of people in Dundee, which is considered the home of the jute industry in Scotland. It tells the story of the industry which shaped Dundee and touches the lives of the people of Dundee. The recently refurbished High Mill which opened late 2016, has added to this visitor attraction and has played host to some really prestigious events.

RRS Discovery, which took Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton on their famous expedition to the Antarctic, was built in Dundee because its shipbuilders were renowned for constructing vessels strong enough to withstand the Arctic ice. Dundee, famous for building whaling ships, was the obvious choice when it came to designing and building a ship specifically for Antarctic scientific exploration.

Berthed at Discovery Point in Dundee, RRS Discovery deals both in history and adventure even now, said Dundee Heritage Trust staff. Currently undergoing major conservation work, this ship is being prepared to shine alongside the V&A Museum of Design Dundee when it opens in Summer 2018.

DHT\'s executive director Paul Jennings said: \"Our exhibits at Discovery Point bring alive the history of Captain Scott\'s expedition and the ship\'s links to Dundee in what we like to think are innovative, exciting ways. Along the road at sister exhibit Verdant Works, there\'s not only a lesson in textile heritage but a journey through Dundee\'s social history. We think our brand revamps reflect that and bring home the message that our attractions are part of the fabric of Dundee.\"

For more information visit www.rrsdiscovery.com

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