Hospitalfield International Summer School


6th April 2017

FIELDWORK: Shoulder-to-Shoulder

Programmed with Gordon Douglas and Cicely Farrer


Wednesday 28 – Friday 30 June 2017


£75 includes the programme of artist talks, performance workshops and reading groups, all meals and a camping place (bring a tent).

£50 earlybird ticket offer until 1 May.


Everyone - book in advance online


Shoulder-to-Shoulder, brings together art and performance practices to reflect on, test out and rehearse effective political action from within an ‘artistic multitude’.

If art can be a vehicle for self-reflection on individual politics, what is art’s position during this current political moment which appears to be defined by populism and division?

Should our art perform our politics or should we be channelling our political ideas through action?

Set in motion by a pictorial score, Shoulder-to-Shoulder is framed through the device of a scratch night: a theatrical format where performers come together to experiment, try new approaches and material with an audience of peers.

We very much look forward to seeing you for FIELDWORK 2017.

Arbroath is a simple train journey from London (6hrs); Aberdeen / Edinburgh (1.5hrs).

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