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21st April 2017

A Dundee woman’s delighted with the freedom she’s gained from using her mobility scooter on the city’s buses.  Xplore Dundee has already helped 25 others to gain more access to the city using their vehicles on its services since the scheme began five years ago. 

Xplore Dundee’s driver training team regularly provides short, individual training sessions to show mobility scooter users how to safely board the bus via the ramp operated by the driver, park the scooter in the allocated area and disembark.  Once these three skills have been learned, the passenger receives a permit which is valid for use on all Xplore buses and many other operators’ vehicles. The card is shown to the driver to prove that the passenger and their scooter are capable of boarding a low floor bus. 

Pauline from Dundee has recently received the training and is full of praise for the scheme:

“I don’t drive so this is a whole new thing to me.  Jonathan was training me how to board the bus with my mobility scooter and was extremely patient with me.  He was so kind, nothing was a problem to him and he let me board as many times as I needed to until I was comfortable.  We laughed at times too, to ease the tension!

“I am delighted now to be able to use my scooter on these buses, all thanks to him and to Xplore Dundee.”

Only certain types of mobility scooter can be accepted on low floor buses, so it’s necessary for owners to provide the details of their scooter’s weight and size to determine whether or not it can be accepted on public transport.  If they meet these criteria, users will also receive the on-bus training to advise them on how to manoeuvre on and off a bus and where to ‘park’ the scooter once on board.

Anyone interested in mobility scooter training should get in touch with Xplore Dundee on 01382 201121.

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