New Help for Nervous Speakers


24th April 2017

Chamber member Eugene Clarke has launched a new enterprise, Public Speaking Scotland, offering support to those who feel uncomfortable when speaking in public.

The venture came about as a result of him noticing that more and more clients who approached his consultancy People Growth Ltd mentioned speaking as one of their own personal issues while discussing their overall business concerns.

“I realised there was a gap in the market and further research suggested that the conventional public one day “away day” intensive courses tended to have little long term impact.” explained Eugene.

“Public Speaking Scotland only deals with individuals on a 1-1 or small team basis and all the content is related to the particular tasks and context of the client. Every person will have different issues when it comes to speaking and that’s what we address. We usually arrange a number sessions over a period of time and this too helps the client fully embed the learning”

One particular service Eugene expects to be widely used is the Keynote Address Review.  This will help anyone who is delivering a conference/AGM speech but is not sure how good it is. They can\'t ask colleagues to listen as they\'re too busy and they don\'t want to ask the boss. This is where PSS come in - their expert coach will come along, listen as if we are part of your intended audience and then provide positive feedback.

It’s a bit of a return to the past for Eugene as he spent many years lecturing and advising on oral communication before leaving to create his first business in 2004.

“It was always the most satisfying aspect of working with nervous speakers - seeing them grow in confidence in so many other ways once they realised that they actually could do it. I’m looking forward to capturing that feeling again”

Eugene is offering DACC members a completely free and no obligation session of up to an hour to discuss any speaking issues they may have. Just call him on 07790 881760 or email

Public Speaking Scotland

Ever felt nervous about speaking? Perhaps you\'ve to make a presentation or have an \"awkward\" conversation or lead a brainstorming session or team meeting? PSS will help and support you with every aspect of the task. You\'ll be a confident and comfortable speaker whatever the situation. We offer a no-cost initial consultation at 07790 881760 or

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