BBC Public Interest Test


23rd June 2017

The BBC recently announced its intention to launch a new television channel for Scotland in autumn 2018.  

This proposal is part of the overall commitment, made by the BBC during the recent review of its Charter, to increase investment in Scotland and to ensure that proportionately more of the licence fee is spent on dedicated services in Scotland than is the case today. The increased funding will also mean increased production, of benefit to Scotland’s production sector and to the creative economy as a whole. 

Under the terms of the BBC Charter and Agreement, such a change to the BBC’s UK public services requires the BBC to undertake a Public Interest Test, to consider the impact such a channel could have.

Part of that process involves consultation with stakeholders and interested parties.  That consultation has now been launched and will run until Tuesday 25 July.

The consultation is open to all but we would particularly welcome views from industry stakeholders and other interested parties in Scotland.

The consultation document and advice on how to respond can be found at

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