SCC Comments on Home Secretary's decision to evaluate migration trends


28th July 2017

Commenting on the Home Secretary's decision to ask the independent Migration Advisory Committee to evaluate the present and future impacts of migration on the UK, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

"The Home Secretary's decision to commission independent analysis to inform the future immigration system is a welcome step and one which Scottish businesses will seek to shape and influence.

"It is right to take a considered and pragmatic approach to this issue, particularly as Scotland benefits from the talents of EU workers.  Scotland's economic needs are specific and if future immigration is to be limited, then we must look for any new immigration system to reflect and meet the sectoral and business needs that will enable growth in the Scottish economy.  In essence, any move towards a system of managed migration to the UK must be made to work to our economic advantage.

"The Scottish Chamber Network looks forward to fully engaging with the Committee ensuring the needs and views of Scottish businesses are heard and implemented."

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