Arbikie launches their family of ‘Field-to-Bottle’ Vodkas


27th October 2017

Arbikie, Scotland’s ‘Field-to-Bottle’ Distiller is launching a family of ultra-smooth vodkas that build on the success of their original, world award-winning Potato Vodka. This range will have three styles of vodka, made from three different crops, giving three distinct characters and tastes.

Arbikie ‘Haar Vodka’ is distilled from Zulu Wheat grown on the ‘Black Laws’ field on the Arbikie estate producing an incredibly smooth vodka with hints of caramel. The vodka captures the character of the ‘Haar’ – a soft, rolling and freezing North Sea fog that frequently blankets the Arbikie farm and distillery. The bottle label gives consumers details of what wheat variety was used, its flavour profile and the exact field where it was grown on the farm.

It joins ‘Tattie Bogle’, Arbikie’s existing ultra-smooth, world award-winning Potato Vodka that is distilled from a combination of Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra potatoes, grown in the ‘Fiddler’ field on the Estate. A third vodka is due in Spring 2018 to complete the ‘family’ of terroir vodkas.

Provenance is at the heart of the Arbikie approach to distilling and farming. The Stirling family have been farming since before 1660 and are keen to build on their expertise in growing by distilling spirits that are made from and reflect the range of crops grown on their farms. Arbikie is creating a new level of authenticity and taste with their ‘Field-to-Bottle’ approach and aim to lead the vodka revival by focusing on the terroir of the product:

Arbikie Director, John Stirling, commented:

“Our aim has always been to disrupt the vodka market by highlighting the importance of your base ingredients and how this impacts on the flavour profile. By highlighting the field and wheat variety used in each batch of ‘Haar’ we are giving the opportunity for consumers to trace the ingredients in our spirits. This desire for provenance and traceability of ingredients is prevalent in the food industry and we want to lead vodka’s revival with these in the drinks sector.”

Arbikie Distiller Kirsty Black commented:

“The flavour profile of our vodkas is determined by the ingredients grown on the farm. With ‘Tattie Bogle’ there are clear spice notes and creaminess in flavour; whilst ‘Haar’ has a distinctive caramel note both on the nose and on the palette. We don’t bolt on the flavour in our spirits, the flavour is determined by the crops grown on the farm.”

Arbikie Highland Estate

Arbikie Distillery launched in 2014 & we aim to be one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries. The release of our Nadar, the world’s first climate-positive gin was a significant milestone on our sustainable journey. We distil the world’s only Rye Scotch Whisky & work with many of the world’s best, Noma, Whole Foods, Hilton & Marriott

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