SCC Response to Scottish Income Tax Options publication


7th November 2017

The Scottish Government released their discussion paper “The role of income tax in Scotland’s budget” on 2nd November, outlining several proposed alternatives to the existing income tax system.

In response to this report, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce said:

“The Scottish Chambers of Commerce welcomes the opportunity to engage on the issue of taxation, making sure Scotland’s tax system is competitive for business and employees and is fit for purpose to fund our essential public services.

“Given the options presented, it is possible that over one million Scots could see a cut in their take home pay. With the well reported difficulties caused by rises in inflation and the recent decision to raise interest rates by the Bank of England, many households will already be looking at tightening discretionary spending. Therefore, increasing income taxes at a time of already squeezed household incomes may not be the route of enabling economic growth.

“We recognise the budgetary challenges faced by the Scottish Government, but any debate on taxation must be wider in scope and provide sufficient time to ensure meaningful and constructive engagement with business and civic Scotland. That in mind, SCC will be working through our Scottish Chamber Network across Scotland to gauge clearly the views and ideas of the wider business community to better inform this ongoing debate. The economic impact of tax rises must be evaluated and implications understood in advance of any implementation.

“Maintaining business competitiveness in Scotland is a top priority and Scotland’s tax policies must ensure we remain competitive with the rest of the UK and internationally, and maintain the ability for Scottish businesses to grow and attract talent.”

Scottish Chambers of Commerce

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