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17th January 2018

Apps have become an everyday part life - not only for leisure, but in business too. Now a common feature on smartphones and tablets, Xeretec takes a look at how technology has advanced to help businesses be more productive

Over the years, apps have continued to be developed to make everyday tasks simpler and quicker, enabling people to do so much more at the touch of a button.

But did you know that this technology has now been applied to modern printers/multifunction devices? App technology now exists that seamlessly and securely integrates with multifunction printer (MFP) interfaces, to help your business be more productive. As with most smartphone apps, the goal of these apps is to enable people to get things done quickly and simply.

The possibilities for app technology in this context are endless. At present, apps exist that can send your scanned documents directly to your Dropbox or OneDrive, as well as translation apps that can scan a document in one language, translate the document into another language and then print or email a copy.

A variety of apps have been developed to date that bring efficiency and productivity into the office with a touch of the screen.

At Xeretec, we continually look at our product ranges to ensure we offer the best machines for business use. For example, Xerox® ConnectKey®-enabled MFPs come with a selection of apps to help users to improve their day-to-day printing and processes. The @Print by Xerox app is a free mobile cloud printing solution, which allows users to print from any mobile or network connected device to an MFP using a single email address – without IT support.

Alternatively, a QR (Quick Response) code app also exists which allows users to connect to an MFP with a simple scan of a QR code from their phone or tablet to print and scan documents.

Going beyond a simple mobile printing functionality, there is also an app which allows users to create automated workflows on their mobile devices to remotely control a Xerox MFP and transmit documents to fax, email, or cloud-hosted services – such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Camera capture capability also helps to square and straighten photos of documents taken with a mobile device.

Our own in-house software development team has created the Xeretec Support App Suite, which delivers immediate on-device support for your business. The nine apps help to simplify and speed up fault resolution while maximising user convenience and productivity for users of Xerox devices.

But this is just the beginning, with apps opening up the opportunity to streamline many untamed business processes. That’s where Xeretec’s in-house development team comes in. Unlike many MPS providers, we have the capability to create custom apps in house.

So if you have a need that you feel might be satisfied by an app, or if we spot an opportunity to improve your print solutions, we can put our team to work to develop an app specifically for your needs.

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