Lily Garget opens her debut exhibition ‘Out of the Everywhere into Here’


29th January 2018

As part of 2018 the Year of Young People, ANGUSalive is delighted to support, Lily Garget who opened her debut art exhibition “Out of the Everywhere into Here” on Saturday 27th January in Brechin Town House Museum.

Lily is a nineteen year old artist with aspirations of attending art-college and is showcasing the story of her journey towards developing her creative practice.

Lily said, “I was so nervous but excited beforehand about having such a personal and current part of my life openly displayed through my work. The supportive response from visitors was overwhelming. So many people came to the opening of my first art exhibition, including people I hadn’t met before who were genuinely interested in my work. Visitors were engaging with the work, asking about the pieces and wanting to learn more. I hadn’t expected for visitors to ask me to explain the concepts behind the pieces on display which was a great feeling as this is what I aimed to achieve.”

This exhibition may be particularly interesting for those who study art. Lily says, “I’ve always appreciated the support from my high school art teacher and would love to have the opportunity to share my experience with pupils currently studying Higher or Advanced Higher Art.”

Lily approached Brechin Townhouse Museum to explore the possibility of exhibiting her artwork to develop the skills required in displaying work to an audience and working with art galleries. Lily has been working closely with Gill Ross, ANGUSalive Visual Arts Officer to prepare for the opening of her debut exhibition.

Lily said, “From working closely with Brechin Townhouse Museum and Gill, I’ve gained many valuable skills. From learning how to frame work to getting to grips with contracts and forms, I really feel as though this experience has helped me develop as a young artist. Once I saw the gallery space the museum had to offer I immediately saw the opportunity to expand and learn new skills about working in a professional setting. I hope to attend Art College next autumn and I am hoping this experience will really stand me in good stead for the future.”

Gill says “It has been a pleasure to work with Lily, she has a clear vision and creative voice as well a dedicated and professional approach. This is the first time I have worked to set up an exhibition with an artist so early in their career and it’s good for us to try something new. Lily is a maker and creator which could be why Lily seems to prefer stepping out of her comfort zone to learn how to set up an art exhibition by actively setting up an art exhibition.”

After finishing high school with an Art GCSE, 1st place merit in Advanced Higher Art and has been shortlisted twice for the John Byrne Art Award for creative people in Scotland aged 16 -25, Lily moved to London where she worked as a model for 8 months. In this time she realised that art was what she really wanted to pursue and she needed to put herself in a position where she had a valid creative voice. Lily moved back home to Angus in February of last year and has since begun the process of applying to art school.

Traditionally delicate, pretty, unassuming women’s work, embroidery is easily overlooked as a powerful medium. Lily uses the medium of embroidery in her own way to reinvent its uses which has given her a very clear visual style, consistent in her drawings and photography displayed throughout the exhibition. Lily’s work focuses on societal and personal topics and explores the world we live in and our place within it.

Lily’s exhibition continues from the 20 January to 10 March 2018.


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