Dundee Decides Launch


30th January 2018

PEOPLE from all over Dundee are being asked to help decide how to spend more than a million pounds of council cash.

Dundee Decides will see citizens from every community helping to direct how Dundee City Council spends the £1.2 million Community Infrastructure fund.

John Alexander leader of Dundee City Council who helped launch the consultation today (MONDAY) said: “Across Scotland a lot of funding has already been invested in getting citizens involved in setting spending priorities and this is a really exciting opportunity for Dundonians to have their say

“We are the first council in the country to allocate a proportion of our mainstream budget to this participatory process and I am sure that the people of Dundee will get behind it and tell us where they think we should be spending their money.

“The process is as easy to use, robust and fair as we could make it and by March when we announce the results I’m sure it will have caught the imagination of people in every one of communities.”

Each of the council’s eight electoral wards – Strathmartine, Lochee, West End, Coldside,

Maryfield, North East, East End and The Ferry - has been allocated up to £150,000 to spend on infrastructure improvements.

If any funds left over after winning projects have been selected they will be allocated to enhance winning projects in each ward.

Voting will be on line via www.dundeedecides.org using a secure electronic voting system with a number of checks and balances built in to ensure safety and fairness with community events also planned to engage as many people as possible.

Voting is open to everyone who lives in Dundee aged 11 or above.

The money will be used for physical projects like improvements to play areas, introducing pedestrian crossings, pavements, lighting and planting.

Votes can be cast from today until March 23 and the results will be announced by the end that month.

Dundee City Council

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