High Quality Management Development via Exercise 'Executive Stretch'


19th February 2018

Once again we, the Reserve Forces & Cadets’ Association are joining with the military to produce an action packed weekend, with the aim of exposing managers from a range of civilian companies to the much accredited leadership, communication and team-working skills – as developed within our Armed Forces.

The cost of participation in such an experience on a paid basis, would be around £1,000 per person. There is no cost for this invaluable experience and, if previous feedback is anything to go on, many former participants have described the experience as - “one of the best weekends of my life! I learned so much about myself and about working as a team”. The attachment will give a flavour of previous events and can be circulated around your managers.

You can nominate, between 1 and 8 of your managerial staff to participate in this annual event and I guarantee we will return them better equipped to face the challenges of leading a team in your competitive environment.

The ‘Exercise’ will run over the period 27 – 29 April and will be based at Redford Barracks, Edinburgh – with access to the training area in the Pentland Hills. Start time is after lunch on Friday and the Exercise will end with prize-giving and lunch on Sunday. Saturday night will be spent under the stars in the Pentlands! [More detailed instructions will be issued after nominations are received]

Employers are very welcome to ‘dip into’ the Exercise by visiting either late Friday; Saturday or Sunday morning (why not join us for the prize-giving and lunch?)

If you would like your company to be represented on Exercise ‘EXECUTIVE STRETCH’ 2018, please contact: Michelle McKearnon at Highland RFCA on hi-reed@rfca.mod.uk / Colin Vooght at Lowland RFCA on lo-reed@rfca.mod.uk

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