Changing facilities in Craigie


21st February 2018

A SIX FIGURE contribution to new changing facilities at a well-used Dundee sports facility could be on the cards if councillors back the move next week.
As part of its fund-raising drive Craigie Community Sports Hub (CCSH) has asked the council for £130,000 for the development at the 3G pitch at Craigie High School.
Lynne Short convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “The Hub committee have already done an amazing job of bringing in funding from a variety of sources to the tune of £136,500 and have asked us to make a contribution.
“Development of the these facilities will benefit the school and the wider community of the East End and will help us to improve health and tackle inequalities by encouraging active lifestyles and giving young people chances to take part in play, recreation and sport.
“CCSH is run by an enthusiastic and committed group of volunteers, with a range of professional skills and access to expert advice as required and this changing facility will be of great benefit to the community and the school. Our contribution is an important step towards making it happen.”
Craigie’s 3G pitch is suitable for football coaching and competition and for rugby training and Craigie High School will have free use of the facility on weekdays up to 5.30pm during term time. In addition more than a dozen other clubs and sports bodies have requested use.
According to a report to be discussed by the committee on Monday (February 26) the Hub has a credible business plan for management, maintenance and renewal of the 3G pitch and this associated facility.
Councillors will be asked to approve a contribution of £130,000 towards the cost of the project and to remit council officers to arrange a lease for the land required.

Dundee City Council

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