Dundee One by Jute Properties: soon to be Scotland's most cycle friendly


6th September 2018

When you encourage cycling within your office and residential buildings, not only are you encouraging occupiers to lead more active lifestyles, but you are significantly contributing to tackling wider social issues such as improving mental health, lowering levels of stress and anxiety, and reducing toxic air levels in cities.

The government recognises the many benefits of encouraging cycling to work and have committed money to back this up, by offering grant funding opportunities to owner and developers who wish to support the movement towards building cycle friendly workplaces.

By adopting Cycling Score Certification, you will potentially be able to access this grant funding to improve your building’s infrastructure – which is vital for any occupiers who may realistically choose two wheels over alternative means of transport. Grant funding can be used for:

• Installing or enhancing cycle parking, increasing capacity and/or security
• Upgrading minor workplace specific pedestrian/cyclist access routes, including signage
• Upgrading onsite facilities, including changing areas, showers, lockers and drying areas
• Buying bikes to support a bike pool or hire fleet
• Creating maintenance areas, including buying cycling tools

Just one example of where this funding has been secured is JUTE Property’s Dundee One. On the back of their successful application, Dundee One will soon to be Scotland’s most cycle friendly building having obtained grant funding of £66,000 with Cycling Score! Below is how Jeremy Dixon of JUTE properties found the process:

“Cycling Score have guided us through the process of achieving this considerable level of grant funding, which will ensure we can achieve a ‘best in class’ cycling facility at Dundee One.
When complete, potential occupiers will know exactly how important occupier health and wellbeing is to us. Being able to offer exceptional cycling facilities will allow us to attract high calibre new tenants, allowing them and existing tenants to attract and retain the very best employees. Cycling is a rapidly growing means of transport for cost, environmental, health and wellness reasons and as Dundee's best Grade A office it is essential we lead the way"

Dundee One sits on the fast- changing waterfront of Dundee, directly opposite the phenomenal new V&A building which will open in September, and which really sets the tone for this burgeoning district with a very bright future. As a part of the £1bn masterplan, the owner of Dundee One recognised that the Waterfront’s regeneration programme will likely see numerous new businesses locate themselves in Dundee – which will bring many millennial employees who favour the tech, design and creative industries. Almost all of these businesses are likely to foster very healthy cycling cultures.

In order to target this audience, Jute Properties decided to apply for Cycling Score Certification and in the process gain the support to design, build and market Dundee One as ‘best in class’ for cycling.

Here is the timeline:

• 20th April Dundee One applies for Cycling Score Certification
• 14th May Dundee One submits info and images for Cycling Score assessment
• 20th June Dundee One achieves a final Cycling Score with a GOLD Standard of 66%
• 9th July Cycling Score submit final quotes for recommended improvements required to achieve a ‘best in class’ PLATINUM standard of 80%+
• 12th July Dundee One submits application for grant funding
• 17th August Dundee One receives £66,000 of grant funding for improvements to buildings

Cycling Score will now support Jeremy to design and build Dundee One’s cycling provisions, which will make it perhaps Scotland’s most cycle friendly building…and all for free!

The funds will be invested into making the necessary improvements in infrastructure and services required to achieve a ‘best in class’ PLATINUM Cycling Score Certification, including:

• 16 Sheffield Stands that will create 32 bike parking spaces, that are ideal for accessible parking and short stay spaces for visitors.
• An aesthetically stylish, sheltered cycle enclosure, with 20 x 2 tier bike parking spaces with easy lift gas struts. Fitted with swipe card access, this will provide maximum security and weather-proof cycle parking for long stay occupier cycle parking.
• 2 x additional New York cycle shelters which will house an additional 24 semi-vertical bike racks and an additional cycle repair stand with integrated pump and bike wash.
• Centrally-provided pool bikes supported by an app, which occupiers can enjoy all year round whether it be for a leisurely cycle, commuting, or just making short journeys to client meetings.
• New changing and drying facilities including new lockers, and all finished with welcoming routes that will really bring the space to life.

There is no doubt that this will really put Dundee One on the map and should ensure that it is positioned in the market to secure a faster letting programme, longer leases and higher rents.

Jute Properties Ltd/Dundee One

Jute Properties Ltd, is a commercial property investment company, founded in late 2017 with the remit to purchase properties in need of active asset management and with strong growth potential. rnrn

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