Bottle Marking Scheme - Consultation


21st June 2011

Dundee City Licensing Board is carrying out a further consultation on a proposal to support the introduction of a Bottle Marking Scheme, previously agreed to in principle.

The Board would like to hear your views before issuing a supplementary statement to its policy. In particular:

1) Do you agree that participation in the scheme should be voluntary?
2) Should the scheme be confined to premises only with off-sales facilities or should premises with both on- and off-sales facilities be covered?
3) Should all licensed premises with off-sales facilities be invited to participate, or should only those outlets in particular areas or where there have been complaints concerning underage purchases be included?

Please send all responses either by email to or by post to the address below by 31st July.

Licensing Office,
General Services,
18 City Square,
Dundee DD1 3BY

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