Scone Palace joins social media challenge


6th November 2018

One of Scotland's most popular visitor attractions, Scone Palace, has been recruited by VisitScotland to participate in a social media challenge to celebrate the release of Outlaw King, a brand-new movie from NETFLIX about the life of Robert the Bruce after being crowned King of Scotland.

This weekend, VisitScotland has challenged two prolific bloggers to connect social media users with the true story of one of Scotland's most famous Kings in history. Neil Robertson and David Weinczok from the social media collective, Scotlanders are set to compete against each other to visit as many film and real-life locations associated with Robert the Bruce in under 36 hours.

Neil has been tasked with seeking out all the many film locations across Scotland associated with King Robert the Bruce, including those used in making Outlaw King, while David will be visiting the real-life locations with connections to the historic figure.

David will be making a brief stop at Scone Palace on Saturday afternoon which is a hugely significant location in the story of the King of Scots as it is the place where Robert the Bruce was crowned King of Scotland on Moot Hill in the Palace grounds in 1306. 

Neil and David will not be alone on their rapid journey, as film fans and history buffs will be following them virtually on their adventures. With the challenge beginning at 10.00am on Saturday November 10, Neil's movements can be followed using the hashtag #ReelOutlawKing and David can be followed on the Hashtag #RealOutlawKing.

While Scone Palace wasn't used as a location in the making of Outlaw King, the visitor attraction is delighted to be involved in such a fun and important challenge as one of the ‘real-life' locations in the King's story. Lady Mansfield from Scone Palace said:

"As the place where Robert the Bruce was crowned, Scone Palace is delighted to be part of Visit Scotland's Outlaw King challenge. Just as we love that history lovers see us as a necessary stop-off on their tours of Scotland, we're excited to have David Weinczok include us in his unique whirlwind tour. May the #RealOutlawKing win!"

Outlaw King, which stars Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Douglas, is release globally on NETFLIX this Friday November 9. VisitScotland believe the film's release will inspire even more people to visit Scotland and learn more about the country's history. Jenni Steele, Film and Creative Industries Manager at VisitScotland, said:

"Robert the Bruce is a Scottish icon whose story enthrals visitors from across the globe and we're excited to see so much of Scotland on screen in Outlaw King and streaming straight into the homes of millions of Netflix subscribers.

"Outlaw King presents an excellent opportunity for the Scottish tourism industry to turn viewers into visitors, especially as Scotland offers film fans the unique chance to not only walk in the footsteps of its on-screen stars but also those of their real-life counterparts. 

"We hope the Scotlanders' whistle-stop tour of locations during the film's launch weekend will provide inspiration for potential visitors, with its behind-the-scenes glimpse at the real and reel life of Robert the Bruce."

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Scone Palace

One of Scotland\'s most recognisable tourist attractions, Scone Palace is the original home of the Stone of Destiny and site of the coronations of the Kings of Scots.

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