Stem Cell Stories - New Exhibit at Dundee Science Centre


20th July 2011

Topical science issues conveyed in an engaging and accessible exhibit.

On Thursday 14th July, Dundee Science Centre launched a new exhibit in conjunction with local stem cell science specialists. Stem Cell Stories, created in conjunction with the Scottish Stem Cell Network, has become the latest addition to the science centre's range of exhibits, many of which explore current and local scientific discovery.

The science centre's team have worked with the Scottish Stem Cell Network over the last year to develop Stem Cell Stories, in order to convey current and topical science issues and the current state of stem cell research through an engaging and accessible exhibit. The keynote speaker at the launch was Dr Jo Mountford of the University of Glasgow, who spoke about the hope and hype of stem cell research.

Development of the exhibit was kindly supported by the Scottish Government and BioDundee.

Stem Cell Stories is just one of a number of recent initiatives to engage the public with current, local scientific research and discovery, and others include:

- The launch of a new exhibit and science discovery zone in conjunction with the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee
- The recent announcement that Dundee Science Centre has become the STEMNET (science, technology, engineering and mathematics network) contractor for North East Scotland, and will be running the STEM Ambassador scheme: a volunteer scheme which places practicing scientists in the school classroom to inspire and excite pupils about science topics and careers
- The announcement that Dundee Science Festival 2011 will take place from 29th October to 13th November

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