ANGUSalive Libraries Showcase High Standards in Peer Review


14th March 2019

ANGUSalive Libraries recently undertook the self-assessment unit “How good is our Library Service” – Quality Indicator 3 – “the Learning Culture”, submitting a substantial report and supportive evidence to the Scottish Library and Information Council. This report looked at all aspects of learning throughout ANGUSalive Libraries including events and activities for both children and adults, informal learning opportunities and formal learning which leads to recognised qualifications. On 21st February 2019, 3 Peer Assessors, chaired by Professor Peter Reid of Robert Gordon University visited Angus and met with staff, partners and people who have learned through the ANGUSalive Libraries offering to experience first-hand the standard of services and confirm the report and evidence.

The official report from the Peer Assessors confirms that ANGUSalive Libraries have received a level 5 for their services and for the impact they are having on the life of learners. Level 5 rates their services as having major strengths with a high standard of provision and having examples of good practice to share with colleagues in other authorities.

The Peer Review Panel noted that they were particularly impressed by a very evident user-centred approach, which looks at users (individually and collectively) from every angle and which demonstrates a real inclusivenessby being conscious of, and responsive to, the needs of the community. The Peer Review Panel commend ANGUSalive Libraries for the ethos of the service and the genuine enthusiasm of staff, the engagement with stakeholders at all levels which is excellent and was demonstrated very strongly during the peer review visit, as well as for some excellent examples of good practice which can be shared more widely across the sector and the professional community in Scotland.


ANGUSalive (SC046133) is the culture, sport and leisure trust for the county of Angus and has been operating since December 2015.

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