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27th June 2010

The Summer edition of the of the Chamber magazine is now available. We've given the magazine a refresh and hope you continue to find it informative and enjoyable, as well as a bit easier on the eye.

We are now looking for stories and articles for the Autumn 2013 edition. It will follow the format of the previous editions, this time focusing on the themes: 'People & Performance' and 'Travel & Tourism'.

Priority will be given to stories/articles with this theme but, as always, we will try to publish as wide a range of stories as possible to showcase the success, innovation and community involvement of as many Chamber members as possible.

We can allocate approximately 1/4 of a page (or around 150 words + a photo or other image) per story. If you have news you would like to have included, please send it to by 25th July 2013. The quicker you send it to us, the greater the likelihood we can include it!

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