New Dundee Venue ‘The Dungeon’ launches with Mental Health Awarenes


27th June 2019

A recently re-opened venue in Dundee, The Dungeon, has decided to launch the venue with a  mental health awareness live music night showcasing local talent and working with grassroots  charity, Feeling Strong, to raise funds and awareness of the work they do. Four bands and four  hip-hop acts will also be supporting the event, including: Oh!rio, Midnight Alleys, Two Theives &  the Burning Wood, Esperi, Prospekt, Oddacity, Kouk, and Redking. The event will be taking  place on Saturday the 29th at 19:00, with tickets available online and at the door.  

A representative from The Dungeon commented: “The Dungeon is very excited to be  re-opening it's doors June 29th with a fantastic line-up of live music and entertainment in aid of  'Feeling Strong' a local charity based in Dundee. We are happy to be hosting this amazing event  for a great cause, and we look forward to working with this and other charities close to home in  the future to deliver music and art related content. We are hoping for a big turnout of support  for not only the charity, but for the exciting up and coming bands and hip-hop artists who have  generously offered to play for free to support this Mental Health Awareness cause. We thank  them all for their time and effort.”   

Project Director Brook Marshall added: “It’s hugely encouraging to see a local business like The  Dungeon support a cause like ours, and shows their commitment to building a better Dundee.  We’re looking forward to working with them to put together a great night for everyone involved,  as well as helping to raise awareness of a critical issue facing young people.”

Feeling Strong

Feeling Strong is an exciting new Dundee-based charity with the ambition to improve the lives of young people living with mental health conditions by fostering the skills, confidence and aspirations they need to flourish. We deliver services and activity in the community to provide opportunities for our service users in the areas of lobbying, skills development and service co-production.

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