Cellexus launch new website


27th June 2019

Cellexus International launch a new website which showcases our single product offering and aligns our online presence with the rebrand we launched last year.

In November last year, Cellexus completed a rebrand project which refocused our entire identity. From a new logo and corporate colours, to a new slogan and updated mission statement, the company moved to an identity that better represents who we are today and who we are planning to become in the future.

The website was the final element of the project. We asked local digital marketing agency Zudu to create a website aligned with our new brand identity which highlights the benefits of our single product. The website had to match our brand personality, being confident and innovative, but also allow us to regularly update the content in-house. The resulting website contains heaps of useful information and new features, including a product comparison table, case studies and a FAQ section.

“Our new website has been the last in a series of tasks we’ve undertaken to really evaluate who our company is today. The new management have been in place for 2 years now, and we wanted both to honour the company’s past and create a brand that represents our future. We now have the final piece of the puzzle: a strong online presence. Our website is not only aligned with our rebrand, but visitors to the website can expect to find all the information they need about they products in a new and enjoyable format.”

Gavin Hands, CEO, Cellexus International

New website link: https://cellexus.com/

Cellexus International Ltd

Cellexus sell the CellMaker range of unique airlift single use bioreactor for Phage and Cell and Gene Therapy.

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