Xplore bus saves the day


10th July 2019

Xplore Dundee is stepping in to offer a bus service to West End residents affected by the cancellation of the 204.

The bus operator has revealed it’s planning to re-route its existing Service 4 to take in an area of Magdalen Yard Road currently served by the 204, which is due to cease running on 10th August.

This will provide an hourly bus for passengers living in the area, allowing easier access to Perth Road shops and facilities, as well as connecting services, such as the 5 and 22.

Managing Director Christine McGlasson said: “We have taken a close look at this service and realised we could make some minor changes which would ensure public transport provision for this area of the West End.

“The bus connects many elderly residents with shops, healthcare and a social life, and I hope they will find our Service 4 a suitable replacement for the 204 so they can continue to get out and about.”

Dundee City Council has agreed to issue a short-notice registration, allowing the possibility to change of route to begin from Sunday 12th August, assuming agreement from the Traffic Commissioner.

West End Councillor Fraser Macpherson said: “I am very grateful to Xplore Dundee for agreeing to re-route bus service 4 along part of the current 204 bus route that covers Roseangle, Magdalen Yard Road and Windsor Street.  

"This is a real step forward for some of the 204 users, particularly for elderly passengers, and means residents of Roseangle, Magdalen Yard Road and Windsor Street will still have a real bus service thanks to Xplore Dundee.

"I will still be pressing Dundee City Council to act in the best interests of residents of Newhall Gardens and Glamis Drive who still require a suitable solution in the absence of service 204."


Xplore Dundee

As Dundee's principal public transport provider, we fulfill around 35,000 passenger journeys every day. Our service is part of the fabric of the city - carrying people where they need to be, and employing more than 300 people.

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