Pop Up Electric Car Chargers


10th July 2019

Pop up electric car chargers will appear in Dundee streets thanks to new funding, as the city’s innovative electric vehicle infrastructure moves up a gear.

Smart city consultancy Urban Foresight has been awarded £3 million from the Westminster Government’s Innovate UK scheme for a tests into a low-cost, scalable charging solutions for electric vehicle (EV) users without off street parking.

The demonstrator project will see up to 18 charging hubs installed in Dundee and Plymouth. These hubs will be mainly fitted in residential and public streets with on-street parking, featuring 3-6 chargers per hub. 

The chargers will be ‘pop-up’ models, to avoid street clutter and obstructions when not in use and integrate the supply equipment into the streetscape.  

The demonstrator project is designed to show that pop-up chargers can offer a driver-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and rapidly scalable means of providing on-street charging for the 50% of EVs that are parked on-street at night.

Dundee City Council city development convener Councillor Alan Ross is welcoming this new funding.

He said: “Dundee now enjoys an international reputation for its electric vehicle vision thanks to the innovative work carried out by the council, Urban Foresight and the Mobility Innovation Living Lab (The MILL)

“This new funding will allow the testing of pop-up chargers is an innovative development that will help people who park their vehicles on the street.

“I will be excited to see how this helps us take EV use forward in the city.” 

Dr. David Beeton, CEO of Urban Foresight said: “Dundee is already recognised as one of the best places in the world to drive an electric vehicle. We’re delighted to have secured this additional investment for the city which should make it even easier for many more people to go electric.”

The demonstrator funding follows a successful feasibility study carried out by Urban Foresight and partners early this year. The project will also address the challenges identified by including development of a Toolkit to support local authorities in rolling out such infrastructure, and exploring financial models to demonstrate the viability of the investment for councils. 

Other project partners are: Urban Electric, Appy Parking, Dundee City Council, Plymouth City Council, Co-Wheels Car Club, Duku Product Development.

Dundee City Council

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