Teen founder of Dundee Culture officially opens back-garden studio


28th August 2019

Dundee Culture founder Andrew Batchelor has officially opened the company’s back-garden studio space with the aim of showcasing Dundee to the rest of world.

18 year old Andrew Batchelor, who created the illustrious social media brand Dundee Culture back in 2013, opened up its new studio space on Friday August 23.

The studio was officially opened by Peter Scott, CEO of Independent Living Fund Scotland (the organisation that helped fund the workplace in granting Andrew £7,000).

Dundee Culture began back in 2013, the brainchild of then 12 year old Andrew, to support Dundee’s UK City of Culture bid.

It has now grown into a renowned full-time business with thousands of followers, something which Andrew admits is entirely unprecedented. He said:

“If you asked me if I would be opening up my own space for my own business six years ago, I would have laughed, but this is incredible.

“The opening of the new studio marks the start of a ‘new beginning’ for Dundee Culture.

“I originally intended to end Dundee Culture once the UK City of Culture process ended, whether Dundee lost in 2013 or won and celebrated in 2017.

“But the support grew and it has now come to a point where it is viewed by thousands every month. I have adopted a new strategy of showcasing Dundee and its culture to the world.”

Dundee Culture’s stylish back-garden studio is equipped with a practical tech space, a branded coffee and meeting station, a ‘Dundee Culture HQ’ sign (adding to the studio’s quirkiness) and a wall adorned with Andrew’s many community accolades.

When asked about the organisation’s next steps, the founder stated:

“Re-launching Dundee Culture’s website, and looking for sponsors and partners (as well as businesses) to help build up Dundee Culture’s new Business Club is the main priority for me.

“I am aiming to re-launch Dundee Culture’s website in late September, early October and I’m already starting through the process of looking for sponsors.”

It is clear that notable times lie ahead for Dundee Culture as it continues to represent Dundee and its evolving culture.

Credit to The Evening Telegraph and Claire Merten 

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