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29th August 2019

We all want our businesses to be environmentally friendly and the latest years of “Greenvolution” have seen an unprecedented introduction of green terms such as circular economy, 3 RS hierarchy, negative environmental externalities and many more.

In addition there has been a plethora of government, private and third sector initiatives to that are aimed at dealing with climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as minimisation of impact. They usually invest in green business models, green innovation and practices which provides businesses with a fantastic opportunity to grow.

Whenever there is such an abundance of information and opportunity though, there is also difficulty in seeing how a business can practically apply all these ideas in its every day workings and take advantage of the available funding. How can YOUR retail/ food manufacturing/housing complex/construction business become circular? What are the specific green measures a similar business to yours can take to ensure it is part of the green movement without jeopardising its revenue? How can you be sure that your new activities are not creating another environmental problem?

In these cases it is very useful to see the workings of other businesses that have adopted these practices. It helps to actively visualise how YOUR business could adopt similar measures, what they would be and also what financial results they would have without having to go through the nerve-wracking period of investing in something completely new.

For these reasons Zero Waste Scotland, through its programme Resource Efficient Scotland, launched a database showcasing Scottish businesses as well as housing projects that already adopted green and circular economy practices. Their case studies are easily accessible here and you can find Scottish businesses from every sector and of every size. Many of the businesses also allow for the opportunity to visit them and see the green measures they have put in place up close as well as chat with them.

Lastly, the tool allows businesses or similar projects to showcase their workings by including their case studies on the database. So if you are a green business, email and join the green business network! Become part of the solution!

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