Keeping our Childcare Hubs available to those in Greatest Need.


27th March 2020

Angus Council’s Schools and Learning Convener Derek Wann has called for support from parents and carers to ensure that our Childcare Hubs are used effectively.

His appeal came after lower numbers of Category 1 workers children than expected took up the available spaces in the 10 hubs across Angus.

Cllr Wann said: “It is somewhat frustrating that we have worked hard to find a childcare solution for essential workers who have no other childcare options, only to find that a number of people who applied and were allocated spaces did not send their children as anticipated.

“Please, if you do apply for a place and subsequently don’t need it – let us know straight away, so we can fill that place. We have worked hard to try to provide the fairest and most appropriate level of support we can, but we need your help to make it work.”

School hubs have now been established across Angus, supported by a range of partner nurseries and childminders to care for younger children.

We have received hundreds of enquiries about the childcare process from key workers who would like to access one of our childcare hubs. Due to the volume of online applications, we prioritised according to the three categories provided by Scottish Government.

Parents and carers of some Category 1 families were contacted on Wednesday about attending those hubs from today (Thursday 26 March). Our team is now reviewing today’s attendance at the hubs with a view to progressing to the next group of key worker families as swiftly as we can to allow childcare for as many qualifying families as possible.

We appreciate now people may be wondering how to access the hubs, particularly those who have applied but who have not yet been allocated spaces, and have provided information about the Childcare Hubs on our website. This is where we will continue to provide updated information.

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