Safe Zone Bus is back on the road


29th April 2020

On Saturday, Dundee’s Safe Zone bus was back on the streets to help some of the most vulnerable people who are at risk from COVID-19.

The Safe Zone bus is an outreach service which traditionally caters for the night time economy on Friday and Saturday nights by offering help to anyone in distress in the city centre.

Although lockdown restrictions are in place, there continues to be a number of people on the street for a variety of reasons, including homelessness or begging.

The Safe Zone bus will initially operate on Saturdays to provide basic support, in relation to welfare and health interventions, hot food and drinks and support to access accommodation and to be safe.

Councillor John Alexander, Chair of the Dundee Partnership said: “Our once visible population of homeless and vulnerable persons is now all but invisible, though they still exist.

“It is more important than ever that we continue to provide support and help some of the harder to reach members of the community.

“One of the ways in which this service will do this is to be more agile and responsive in order to target specific areas, where support is found to be most needed.

“We know with restrictions in place the city centre is quiet, so the safe zone bus will move to where we know the person is, or people are congregating to meet their needs.”

Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership, Tayside Council on Alcohol (TCA), Police Scotland, Xplore Dundee, Hillcrest Futures, WRASAC, Health and Homeless Outreach Nursing and Parish Nurses.

Dundee City Council

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