Can you support a young person with a Foundation Apprenticeship?


26th June 2020

Dundee and Angus College deliver a very successful Foundation Apprenticeship programme in Business Skills and Accounts across the Dundee & Angus region for school pupils in S5 and S6.

A major component of a Foundation Apprenticeship is the sector specific work-based learning. In this context, work-based learning relates directly to the activities undertaken by learners whilst they are on a work-placement.

By giving young people early exposure to the world of work, we’re helping them develop the skills, experience and knowledge they’ll need when they leave school.

For employers it’s the chance to attract motivated and committed young people willing to learn, identify young people who are right for your business and ensure your organisation has people with the skills you need.

The involvement of employers is a critical aspect of every Foundation Apprenticeship, and may include providing learners with a work placement to enable them to gain valuable experience in the workplace. Employers can provide current expertise, equipment, practices and processes.

Even in COVID times, employers are offering work placements to FAs so that they can gain the valuable work-based learning they need. The working from home model that most businesses are using at the moment, also suits the work placement needs of a Foundation Apprentice. If you are interested please contact Gale at Dundee and Angus College

Dundee & Angus College

Dundee and Angus College is moving away from traditional thinking and focussing much more on careers not courses. It wants the people of the Dundee and Angus region to be better informed and prepared for the career options available to them, no matter what stage they are at.

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