A World First for Dundee’s Service Design Academy


6th July 2020

The Service Design Academy (SDA) is the first training organisation in the world to receive full accreditation from the Service Design Network (SDN).

Through SDN’s Organisational Accreditation initiative, the SDN has recognised the authority and quality of SDA in the provision of service design education and qualifications.

SDA has also been recognised as a high-quality partner of the SDN Academy, an international educational provider of high-quality service design content. Accordingly, SDA is also recognised as an SDN Academy Satellite facility, bringing thought leaders and delegates from all over the world to Dundee.

SDA lead consultant Katie Murrie has been granted SDN Master Trainer Accreditation with consultants Chris Muir and Dr Jo McNicoll being granted SDN Trainer Accreditation. The team were delighted to welcome Claire Hartley as a new consultant in May.

Founded in 2017, the SDA is based at Dundee & Angus College’s Gardyne Campus. Service Design Academy is committed to creating positive impact for organisations to transform and improve through interactive, practice-based learning.

SDA offers unique service design courses for groups, individuals and businesses, including four 2-day courses delivered on campus, customised workshops for organisations, and the first and only Scottish Qualification Authority accredited Professional Development Award (PDA) in Service Design.

In the past 2 years, 60 SDA workshops have been delivered to over 1,400 people from 156 organisations including Dundee City Council, Public Health Scotland, Insights, Caledonia Housing, Lloyds Banking Group, NHS National Services Scotland, Thorntons and Dundee University. The SDA is Glasgow City Council’s sole supplier for service design training.

In the past three months, the team has conducted extensive customer research and developed their facilitation skills so all courses will be available online - featuring remote and fully interactive classrooms, videos and human conversations.

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and into recovery, SDA online business, education, third sector and community themed events have encouraged a re-imaging of service delivery. Participants have joined from as far afield as Melbourne.

The SDA’s expertise is facilitating new ways of working to ensure Dundee & Angus College colleagues offer a safe, warm welcome and best possible experience to students as they return in September. This innovative redesigning services programme has huge potential to support many other organisations in Dundee and beyond.

Caron Sandeman, Service Design Academy (SDA) - Dundee and Angus College said:

“The SDA is proud to be leading the world with full SDN accreditation. We are delighted to be the first organisation ever accredited; it means a lot to us and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the Service Design Network. ”

For more information please contact: Maralyn Boyle m.boyle@dundeeandangus.ac.uk / 07891 853014

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