New Dundee waste plant to operate by end of year


13th July 2020

The firm behind the energy from waste facility at Baldovie saw revenue reach more than £16 million as it waits for planning permission that would substantially increase capacity at the site.

Newly published accounts show MVV Environment Baldovie Waste incinerated 94,375 tonnes of waste, bringing a revenue of £16.7m for the year ending September 30 2019.

The firm’s 20-year-old incinerator produces renewable energy and usable heat from non-recyclable waste that would otherwise go to landfill.
Alongside the current facility, a new incinerator is under construction and scheduled to be operational by the end of the year.

The monthly average tonnage of waste treated, rose from 6,651 tonnes, to 8,189 tonnes, bringing an increase in revenue from local authority and commercial gate fees of £4.9m.

Managing director Paul Carey said the results were a “positive story” that reflected substantial investment in plant and personnel since the company took over the site in 2017.

He said: “We have applied for planning permission to keep the existing facility operational once the new incinerator is complete and we are waiting to hear the outcome of that.

“At the moment, the planning criteria says we have to close the old incinerator once the new one is commissioned.”

You can read the rest of the story by Jim Millar on The Courier online

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