Business advisory firm expects companies in Tayside to recover strongly


21st July 2020

Johnston Carmichael established a base in the city just over 12 months ago and has grown a customer base across industry sectors such as technology, food and drink and agriculture.

Jenn Stewart, head of Johnston Carmichael’s Dundee office, said she expected companies in Tayside to recover strongly out of the pandemic.

She said: “If our experience from the last 12 months tells us anything, it’s that the sense of community in Dundee will hold it in good stead through the recovery phase.

“The City of Discovery is no stranger to adversity and the blend of industries that form the backbone of the Tayside economy are likely to see opportunities to move forward as the restrictions begin to lift.

“Over the last few months we have seen businesses have both the worst of times and the best of times.

“There is no crystal ball to predict what happens next, but we are already seeing more and more companies begin to move out of survival mode and into the next stage of recovery as the government measures come to an end.

“It’s important for businesses to revisit their strategy and stay true to their core values in order to prepare well for the new normal.

“That means looking at how they can reopen safely or, if they are already back to work, how they can get production back to pre-Covid levels in the current circumstances, implementing new working practices to improve efficiencies.”

Alison Henderson, Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce CEO said:

“The coming weeks and months are going to be vitally important for Dundee’s recovery – it’s important that we pull together as a city and as a community to make sure we come out the other side in the best possible condition. The expertise and guidance from businesses like Johnston Carmichael will be vital to that push.

“Since coming to the city a year ago, Johnston Carmichael has fully embraced everything that Dundee has to offer. The expertise and support the firm has brought to businesses across the region has been fantastic to see and the team will be central to many firms’ success and future. We’re proud to have Johnston Carmichael as a Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce platinum partner. I know that the firm will play a key role in the city’s ongoing recovery.” 

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