From Shore to Door in 24


24th July 2020

With convenience continuing to trump loyalty, is it any wonder why customers continue to seek easy and quick ways to help take the strain out of their days? Indeed, Google research has found that during Covid19, 1 in 3 customers have tried a new brand during this time.

We would like to introduce you to the family-run business, The Fish People, who are looking to develop convenience and loyalty through online canals.

A well established, high-quality fishmonger and wholesaler based in Glasgow, with more than 20 years of business to business experience, The Fish People pride themself on the quality of their produce and delivery of customer service.

Laura Bell, Company Director: “We not looking to move our sales online; we are looking to expand into online sales. We feel we’ve got an established reputation in Glasgow for providing high-quality produce and fantastic service and that this is a great way to offer our produce to a wider market. We are a family run business and it’s important for us to continue to grow with market trends to allow the younger generations of the family to find their place in the business”

Here at mtc we are continuing to support and develop our client’s capabilities through building customer and convenience focused solutions.

“We felt that from the very first meeting, mtc understood exactly what we wanted to do. They have the knowledge and skillset to not only build the website but to help us grow, offering solutions and suggestions that will truly better the business.”

This exciting project will enable The Fish People to connect with more customers than ever before, direct to customer doors. This will be harnessed through a powerful eCommerce platform that will easily and logically allow The Fish People to acquire customers, the slick design, visually and emotionally engaging content will all be controlled in-house by Laura and her team.

This partnership with The Fish People will see their business utilise our expertise in eCommerce, through a great shopping experience, it will include a subscription development that has seen massive success for many mtc clients, with month on month growth, on-going loyalty developed through a subscription offering and a perfect digital partnership put in plaice…

“In 3 years’ time, we would like to be considered a market leader in online fish sales, known for consistently high-quality produce and first-class service.”

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