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13th August 2020

Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce are delighted to have Birgit Laurich, CRC-Source of Happiness, especially for women with Coachings/Seminars/Webinars/Trainings/Speeches/Lectures etc. as part of our vibrant chamber network.

As a German with a Scottish heart & soul, Birgit moved to Scotland and is loving living here.She also took on the brand name Bridget-Chalice-Rosslyn McLaurie  Lady of Glencoe, which is a Courtesy Title for Nature Conservation in Scotland

Birgit really felt the need to give something back to Scotland with her new launched project for a better life in COVID 19 times: HAPPY ASCENDING COMMUNITY SCOTLAND!

In March 2019 at the age of 54 she fulfilled her dream, moving from Germany to bonny Scotland directly at the sea with dolphins and seals at her Tayport doorstep. 

Birgit’ is an expert in  Life Coaching , Subconcious-Heart-Soul Communication, Hypnose/Subconcious Therapy, Personality & Potential Development, Life- & Manifestation Energy-Frequenz Transforming, MIRACLE-MATRIX-Morphing, Spiritual Development, Meditation, Motivation, Telepathy, Gender Communication and is a Trainer for: Women MANNA-MIRACLE-LIFE Coach & MANNA Energy Practitioner.

Birgit would like to introduce her MANNA-MIRACLE-LIFE-METHOD to all women, who want to significantly improve their lives and businesses. (MANNA or also known as MANA= "the divine food", Divine Presence, God's gift, inner manifestation power-force)

Experience how this immeasurable power is activated in you when your purified subconscious, heart, brain and soul suddenly unite in you!

Thus the source of happiness opens for you and true love and partnership, true happiness, true success, true wealth and money flow, true vitality, true access to your own self-healing powers, true self-love, self-confidence, true friends, true wishes and goals, true potential, true meaning of life, true solutions, true intuition & creativity, true harmony etc. etc. etc. flow into your life!

Your subconscious/body/mind/soul/heart/brain have their own individual language and vibration keys, which your mind doesn't even know!

Already after the 1st session your subconscious is working only for you!

All negative imprints / blockades as well as all negative thought, feeling & trade patterns can be processed, cleared & dissolved. The desired new information is deeply anchored. Your life & your soul will be cleaned up and readjusted!

- Most positive development processes & completely new powerful life energy for all life topics in only 100 days!

- You will experience your absolute truths, the right answers & optimal solutions/ideas/visions; because only your subconscious knows them!

- You immediately have your own permanent and at any time self-accessible "line" to your subconscious! Inclusive learning of self-communication with the subconscious as well as intensive & individual process development support!

The right & left hemisphere of the brain and all 3 levels of consciousness (conscious, subconscious, superconscious) & Your important morphogenetic energy fields are synchronized with the body. The new desired results are stored and activated! You will find yourself in a self-regulating relaxation with an enormously increased state of clarity! An extraordinary exchange of information, feelings & experiences takes place!

- In the brain the above-mentioned new synapses navigation system can build up for an improved thought, feeling and behavior pattern!

You additionally can find Birgit´s matching own digital products, services and other intelligent items in her online shops.

For her Scotland project she has also recently launched her line of positive, uplifting badges for sale. 


You can book your own specially designed MANNA-Seminar/Webinar/Workshop/Speech/Lecture with your own chosen topics in order to meet the individual needs of your group, company!

You can find out more about CRC Source of Happiness on Facebook  -

Or By calling or WhatsApp - 07842 777062




CRC Source of Happiness

Spiritual & Mental Life - Business Coach / Speaker / Seminar / Sales

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